Remedy Tincture


Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract
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Our top-rated Remedy tincture offers an easy addition of hemp to your daily routine. With full-spectrum hemp extract, warming cinnamon oil and myrrh, this soothing blend is a great addition to any wellness routine. The Remedy Tincture provides a concentrated 2mg per drop.


Formulated To

  • A great addition to any wellness routine
  • Allow you to customize your serving size to fit your needs


  1. Rhonda Thornhill

    Has helped!! Love this tincture as taste is great and also helps.

  2. Kelleyjessie Verified Buyer

    I like the taste and it’s only two drops vs two entire droppers full like other products. I bought the sample pack to refill the tincture and carry in my purse.

  3. Anna

    Just purchased my first “The Remedy” so far I am impressed by feeling relaxed FINALLY!

  4. Andy

    I have been using this for 2 weeks now. I love the taste. I take about 3 drops daily now.

  5. Alicia White Verified Buyer

    Great product, has a cinnamon taste. Shipping is quick. Well packaged for safe delivery

  6. Marys Nutritionals Admin

    Really love Mary’s products, especially the Remedy.

  7. Robin Mayer

    I’ve been using her trans-dermal compound for almost 2 years. I use it at night on my wrists, ankles and neck. I’m so glad I can order it on line now.

  8. Peter D.

    Way better tasting than other hemp oils I have tried. Some have made my feel sick to my stomach. The Mary’s tincture is MUCH better and is my go-to.

  9. Blake C.

    Just ordered my 3rd bottle! Best tincture on the market!!

  10. M

    I used to live in CO and used Mary’s Medicinals. After moving out of state I discovered Mary’s Nutritionals and am so glad I did! Although, I prefer the medicinals the nutritionals line is a great alternative.

  11. Mariana Candelaria

    I started to use the Muscle Freeze a few years ago. I ended up ordering as I could not find anywhere. I was gifted The Remedy. Wow! What a great product. This is awesome for me. Relaxing and sleeping! Finally!

  12. Clint Hall

    I herd about this from a older guy that said it worked for them

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