Transdermal Patch


Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract
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The Mary’s 10mg Transdermal Patch utilizes patented technology to deliver a slow and steady release of hemp-extract throughout the day. This calming, plant-based blend is an easy to use and discreet way to feel the benefits of organically grown hemp extract for 10-12 hours.


Formulated To

  • Provide a convenient, long-lasting, and discreet delivery method
  • Release steadily into the bloodstream for a systemic effect
  • Deliver accurate and consistent serving of organically grown hemp extract


  1. krysta Ballew

    I have had back and right leg trouble for ten plus years. I bought one patch because I’ve spent so much money on stuff like this. Now I’m ordering more patches.

  2. Gabriela Carelli

    I just loved it. As soon as I put the patch , I became so calm.

  3. Brad Verified Buyer

    I haven’t found ANYTHING more effective. These patches are an absolute gift in my opinion!

  4. Rebecca Sanders-Eachus

    I found this and put it on my lower abdomen and within 10-15 minutes I felt so much better. I didn’t have to miss work. I wasn’t bed ridden for the whole day. It was great! It’s the first time in a long time I could be productive during my time of the month. It’s so easy and it lasted me 10 hours! It’s a miracle patch! I love it and will definitely continue to use it and tell others to as well!!

  5. Marc

    Great product

  6. Helent Turner Verified Buyer

    Oh my gosh, this patch changed my whole day! The very next day I was ecstatic to learn I could purchase them online and have them shipped to my state! I have already shared the information about this product with all of my friends, family and social media family. Now I just need to place another order for the other products that I believe will be life changing, also! Thank you!

  7. Valerie Bludworth pierce

    I love these patches , easy to apply anywhere I am.

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