Mary’s Tails Transdermal Gel Pen – 50 mg


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This patented formula is designed for unique delivery of organically grown full-spectrum hemp extract. The hemp-infused gel is absorbed once applied to the inner flap of your pet’s ear. The convenient no-mess applicator provides a 1mg serving of hemp extract – perfect for pets on the go.


Formulated to

  • Provide an accurate 1mg serving per pump
  • Absorb quickly
  • Allows for easy no-mess application


  1. Cyndi

    Found your product for my Great Dane. It helps him tremendously during storms or upset times

  2. Gwen Porter

    It works well for calming down animals instantly. It didn’t work on all but most of them!

  3. Peggy Sanders

    I had found something like this in one of the pet stores oh, that have not been able to find it again so I happened to come upon your site and hope it will help my kitty. I can’t really review something I haven’t used, but I’ll give it a two just because everyone else seems to think it’s good.

  4. Samantha

    Our poor Guinea pig Arabella is on hospice. This keeps her eating and perks her up right away. We rub a dab on her ears and she get hungry right away making syringe feeding a breeze.

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