Transdermal Compound


Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract
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Combining full-spectrum hemp extract, nourishing mango butter and a blend of essential oils, our Transdermal Compound is intended to provide a targeted effect to the area where it is applied.

Formulated To

  • Target specific area where applied
  • For use on outer layer of skin


  1. Ros

    It works! Really!

  2. Patricia Moore

    this stuff is amazing

  3. Charlotte

    A small amount applied to the neck, shoulder, hip, and/or low back area in the evening helps. This product helps improve my quality of life.

  4. Eric Fleming

    Amazing how good it works. I have tried other Hemp Extracts but none compare to the Compound.

  5. Mary Stone

    I love this compound! It is fantastic

  6. Lynn Smith

    This is the BEST!! It truly works, and last a long time. THANK YOU MARY’S!!! 🙂

  7. Lynn1453

    This is the BEST!! It truly works, and last a long time. THANK YOU MARY’S!!! 🙂

  8. Nicole Reich

    I was given this as a gift from a friend- This is amazing. I am so grateful for this product. 💜💜💜

  9. Laura Raines Verified Buyer

    Great product for my RA

  10. Patricia Bruch

    love it all

  11. Patricia Bruch

    Love it, helps so much

  12. MMc

    I love this product! I have restless legs, and this compound helps. Highly recommend this product.

  13. Lacy

    I’ve tried quite a few different runs before I found Mary’s. This was the only one. I highly recommend this!

  14. Roxann Brown

    Someone told me about Mary’s transdermal cream. I tried it on the spot, and was shocked and delighted how it worked on my wrist almost immediately!

  15. Alexander Thomas


  16. Karen watt

    This is the best. Tried it on a scar after total knee replacement. I slept through the night. IT IS AMAZING. A little goes a long way.

  17. Maggie Jesso

    Amazing!! This is absolutely wonderful and highly recommended

  18. Joe Nance

    This product is the real deal. It worked almost immediately. I had spinal fusion five months ago and it was successful, but after years of neglect my hips and knees my hips and knees are now in need of readjustment. I’m so thankful for this product.

  19. Brenda

    I’ve tried a lot of things and nothing worked I was amazed how this stuff works. I will always buy this item

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